Cycling History

Russia invented the bicycle (?)

While the invention of the velocipede in the form of Karl Drais’ laufmaschine is accepted as the first two-wheeled human propelled vehicle, the original invention of the pedal-driven bicycle is a … Continue reading

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Cycling Patents of Yesteryear: No. 9 – Rastetter and Siebold’s Child Seat Attachment for Bicyles, 1891

For many of us, our first experience of cycling, likely long forgotten, was not as a rider, but as a passenger, firmly ensconced in a child seat with an unimpeded … Continue reading

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Military Cycling: The British Army Chooses a Bicycle

Following the successful manoeuvres of 1887, and the less successful manoeuvres of 1888, the British Army continued to examine the utility of the bicycle for military purposes, and in June … Continue reading

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Cycling Patents of Yesteryear: No. 8 – Ulysses F. Henderson’s Bicycle-Handle, 1897

Handlebars, like saddles and pedals, are important components of the bicycle because they are the contact points between the rider and the machine. Poor adjustment or a design that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cycling Shorts: Richter’s Raketenrad

Sometimes pedal power just isn’t enough, which has led to various attempts at adding extra oomph to the relatively low, if efficient, power output achieved with human muscle and chains … Continue reading

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Transferable Technology: From the Bicycle to the Aeroplane and the Car

Before Orville and Wilbur Wright gained fame as the first people to make a controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight they owned and ran a bicycle repair, rental and sales … Continue reading

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A History of Cycling in n+1 Objects: No 5 – The American Star Bicycle, 1881-1893(?)

Today the basic elements of John Kemp Starley’s Rover Safety Bicycle, introduced in 1885, are the standard form for bicycles but in the late Nineteenth Century the ‘safety’ was just one of … Continue reading

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