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Military Cycling: The British Army Chooses a Bicycle

Following the successful manoeuvres of 1887, and the less successful manoeuvres of 1888, the British Army continued to examine the utility of the bicycle for military purposes, and in June … Continue reading

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Military Cycling: The Volunteer Easter Manoeuvres, 1888

Unlike the successful Easter Manoeuvres of 1887 that had seen the bicycle prove its worth in a military context the cyclists in the 1888 Manoeuvres weren’t blessed with the same … Continue reading

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Military Cycling: First World War Cyclists From The Imperial War Museum Photo Archives


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Bicycles Imitating Art?: The Royal Flying Corps “Bicycle Wheel” Telescope Stand, 1918

In a previous post, I wrote about Marcel Duchamp’s first ‘readymade’, the “Bicycle Wheel”, which he created in 1913. Five years later 2nd Lt David McLellan photographed an uncannily similar … Continue reading

February 10, 2015 · 3 Comments

Military Cycling: Cycles Gladiator Folding Bicycle, 1896

With the invention of the bicycle in the nineteenth century contemporary interest in the military use of bicycles saw the French, Italian, German, Austrian, and British armies experiment with the … Continue reading

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Military Cycling: The Volunteer Cyclist Manoeuvres, Easter 1887

Professional armies may often be¬†inherently conservative organisations but they are quick to examine new technology to assess its utility in a military context. The introduction of the bicycle was no … Continue reading

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